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About Us

Thrifty Tula has lived in the good ole U.S. of A. all her life, and she’ll tell you as much and proudly. Yet her eye for pretty collaborations and sharper sense of bargaining have made her an open-minded collector. Stylish, hard to peg, and harder to predict.

When she was a child, just the littlest of dears, Tula would carry all of her dolls out to her sun-baked driveway. She stayed clear of her daddy’s car as she set up over by a low flower tree and her mama’s climbers. She’d make followup trips, toting armloads of clothes with tiny shoes fitted to her fingertips and purses and jewels dangling from her wrists. She knew she had a clever way of putting things together. Each of her dolls transformed several times in an afternoon as Tula decked them out and swapped details. On the rare occasion she didn’t find all she could want in her trove, a flower from the yard or greenish pebble finished off her “look in progress.” Tula wasn’t above incorporating the humbler accents. Yet, she felt sure her Coco Chanel collages and magazine clippings of the Queen Mum meant more. Tula was royal. And so she thought she’d always known on some level.

Walk into her shop (her life, naturally, has resulted in an outlet for her visions) and as the bell tinks behind you, you’ll feel her hand-picked combinations arch a smile. Even more than that, you’ll slip into the good mood that trails her. You might never know where it all comes from, like Tula. But you’ll certainly be glad it’s here.

Thrifty Tula | 1110 West Main Street | Franklin, TN 37064
(615) 337.7264 | info@thriftytula.com